June 2, 2008

No Thong?...Denied!

You mean a bunch of dudes wearing banana hammocks can't even get together and build a human pyramid anymore? What is this country coming to? Really!

What am I blathering about? I'll tell you what I'm blathering about. Apparently some politically conscious young chaps in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania got themselves in some hot water back in 2004 for protesting the Iraq War by, you guessed it, building a human pyramid while wearing nothing but thongs. Guess the police out in Amish Country don't much care for public lewdness.

Anyways, these zealous young men recently got some unfortunate news. Their bid to revive a civil suit against the troopers who arrested them was shut down by a 3rd Circuit Federal Court. On May 23, the 3rd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision from 2006 stating that PA State Troopers had probable cause to arrest the capricious youths because it looked like they were completely naked. Sounds fair enough, right? But I mean, if a man can't protest the Iraq War in a thong, how can he protest it? Seriously...

And just so we're clear - Duderino finds absolutely no correlation between his Southeastern Pennsylvania roots and penchant for wearing thongs...I mean...

Thong-Clad Protesters Stripped of Civil Rights Suit [Legal Intelligencer]

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