June 3, 2008

Legalese - The Language of Love...

Little known fact - Duderino is what he likes to call a "dual lingual threat."

See, in addition to an obvious mastery of the English language, Duderino is also conversant in the professional language of the Bar. He knows what's going on in the trial courts. He's privy to the latest precedents. So he feels he's in a unique position to share this with those of you who are less fortunate. Or perhaps that is more fortunate...

Either way, Duderino would like to offer you a look at the following 10 legalese terms you can use as creative slang to spice up those ever-so-fun relationship conversations.

1. "You need me!" = I am an Indispensable Party to this litigation!
2. "Can't we just start over?" = Let's examine this claim De Novo.
3. "If that's how you want it." = I'll give your decision Full Faith and Credit.
4. "What have you ever done for me?" = I'd like a Bill of Particulars.
5. "You knew what I was like when you married me." = Caveat Emptor, baby.
6. "I've got nothing left to give." = My heart is Insolvent.
7. "It's over!" = This case is Dismissed, With Prejudice!
8. "We're both to blame." = We share Joint and Several Liability in this.
9. "Can we just talk about this later?" = I'd like to file a Continuance.
10. "You'll never see me naked again." = Cert. Denied!

You may be seated now.

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