May 20, 2008

Things That Amaze Duderino...

Today's item - the sheer number of people out there taking pictures of celebrities as a career. I believe they're called "paparazzi" in the parlance of our times.

If you've ever been to the infinite number of interweb celebrity stalking enthusiast sites, you'll know what I'm referring to.

How many dudes and chicks out there must be walking around Hollywood or otherwise (because really, they're everywhere) just salivating at the opportunity to snap a picture of Lindsay Lohan being generally clueless that might net them approximately $8,000 (note - Duderino selected an arbitrary figure here...chances are it's more like $80,000 but who's counting...besides Duderino)?

Imagine if we had this kind of manpower working on a cure for cancer...or the solution to global warming...or like, a way to train Duderino's dog to bring him beers on command...

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