May 13, 2008

Erev Shabbos, Dude...

Saturday Donny [and by Donny I mean you all], is the Jewish day of rest. From Sundown on Friday to Sundown on Saturday, those who observe this holy practice "don't work, don't get in a car, don't fucking ride in a car, don't pick up the phone, don't turn on the oven, and sure as shit don't fucking roll!"

So when New York lawyer, Norman Schoenfeld, was repeatedly reprimanded for ignoring emails on Saturdays and not staying late on Fridays, he did what every self respecting religious zealot would do - he sued.

Just so you know, Duderino is not Jewish. But he does highly approve of this kind of litigation. Sure you could say it's a waste of judicial resources (after all, investigating motives behind so called religious discrimination can be difficult). But look, religious views aside, no one should be forced to work outside the confines of the traditional 9-5 work day. Let alone on a Saturday! That's just unamerican any way you slice it...

In fact, Duderino might even take a page out of Schoenfeld's book and tell his boss(es) he's Jewish and observing Shabbos the next time they ask him to work late on a Friday or answer an email on a Saturday. How would they know the diff?

Of course, openly admitting that one is not of a certain religious persuasion on one's blog is somewhat of a tip off (see paragraph 3), but let's be honest - who really reads this thing anyway?

Happy Tuesday Blog Friends, in case you hadn't noticed, Duderino's back!!

PS - This post is not intended to offend anyone. If you are Jewish and disturbed by Duderino's intimations about impersonating a member of the Hebrew persuasion, please accept his sincerest apologies. And remember, this whole blog is one giant farce. Do not take this post or anything Duderino says as a sign of disrespect. It is simply a musing and nothing more. True.

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