February 20, 2008

Disturbing Trend of the Week...

Last week, it was dudes wearing rain boots with their jeans tucked into them. This week, Duderino tackles a far more serious and threatening trend - people and the internets. Actually, Children and the internets to be precise. Well, actually, if we're being precise - it's Children and the internets and television.

Duderino read a quick article this morning that said children in the UK are in front of some sort of screen - TV or PC - for at least FIVE hours a day. They claim the breakout to be approximately two and a half hours in front of the boob tube and approximately two hours on the internets (or at least at a computer...but who uses computers for anything besides surfing the world wide web). Of course, as these are British children, and UK TV sucks giant dick. So one can only assume that if they surveyed America's youngsters, these numbers would be dramatically higher.

This, frankly, disturbs me...

But Duderino - don't you sit in front of a computer screen all day, surfing the interweb at will, only to retire home at night and zone out with your TV?
...Well yeah...but like, I'm not a child ages 5 to 16, man.

Children have impressionable young minds, and the behavior they establish during these quintessential years of maturation can last them a life time.

Me personally - my parents wouldn't allow me or my sister to watch more than one show a day until we were like 12. And even then we were only allowed an hour a night (and never during dinner...to this day). The rest of the time we either had to/were encouraged to play outside, read, or do something else that may or may not have been constructive, but at least my parents would think it was.

And look how I turned out...err...yeeeeeaaaahhhh...

Anyhow, I guess our point this week is - our culture has got some issues with priorities...

American Parents - kindly sort this out. I recommend Bowling.

El Duderino

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