August 23, 2008

A Blue Hen in the White House??

Duderino and newly announced Vice Presidential hopeful, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, share something in common - they're both University of Delaware Blue Hen Alumni.

[Delaware, I know, get your laughs in now...there, you done?]

So you'd assume Duderino would have a soft spot for Barack Obama's potential second-in-command.

But unfortch, Duderino remembers his commencement all too well. Actually, Duderino wasn't physically in attendance during the ceremony. But he heard about it from all of his peers.

See, as Duderino commented on another blog this afternoon, Senator Biden made a big mistake as the honorable speaker that day.

Graduation is supposed to be an exciting time, full of inspiration and good feelings. All that warm, fuzzy stuff. You know, "on this day you go forth as adults...independent and strong...intellectually advanced and with a way higher tolerance for alcohol..."

But what, pray tell, did Senator Biden want to talk to Duderino and his fellow graduates about on this momentus occasion?

The Iraq war.

Seriously, his speech was about Iraq. On our graduation day.

/Duderino hopes he makes better choices on the campaign trail

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itdontmattertojess said...

I definitely remember being pissed at Biden's ploy to use our graduation for his campaign trail... BUT in the interest of foreign policy, Biden is the man!!! I do heart him. And given the choice: Palin v. Biden, I say "Go Joe!"