July 3, 2008

Tracksuits Are Awesome...

Duderino couldn't find a fitting image for this post. Which is a shame, because had he, it would have been glorious...
Duderino saw something fun yesterday.

A middle aged, balding, man wearing a blue track suit with yellow racing stripes.

Now, Duderino is no Versace. But he's pretty sure this outfit is only acceptable under one or more of the following conditions...

1. You are a member of the Swedish curling team
2. You are a member of P Diddy's "crew"
3. You are addicted to Meth
4. You live in Southern Florida (where they're standard issue)
5. Everything else you own is in the wash, AND your high school colors were blue and yellow

Isn't that what makes a man, sir?

1 comment:

ssdtbone said...

Yea, that, and a pair of testicals.