July 31, 2008

F*#@ing Amateurs, Dude...

All too often, Duderino, who admittedly is no trendsetter himself, comments on the fashion choices of men and women in the greater Manhattan area. And inevitably, they're always bad.

So keeping this tradition alive, today Duderino offers you one more disturbing choice in apparel - Tennis shoes worn with a men's suit.

Now this originated with women. And it was perfectly acceptable in that form. Duderino doesn't know for sure, but he imagines that tennis shoes are much more manageable than heels for walking to and from the Subway and to and from work.

But then some men got hold of it, and that's where things went awry. See, there's no rational explanation for men to be wearing sneakers with a suit. Men's dress shoes aren't uncomfortable. At least not the ones Duderino wears.

So what gives?

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