June 27, 2008

Even More Stuff Duderino Does Not Understand...

Now, Duderino doesn't understand a lot of things. If you've read this blog for any sizeable period of time, you already know that.

Nevertheless, here are a couple of things Duderino REALLY doesn't understand...

#1 ~ Powerwalking1

I mean it just looks ridiculous. Walking fast. Why? If you're trying to work out, why not just run slowly? Or jog? As far as Duderino is concerned this is a giant waste of time...it does hold significant entertainment value though.

#2 ~ Soda for Breakfast

To be fair, Duderino doesn't even drink soda. So his lack of understanding transcends just Breakfast. But frankly, isn't that just a little too much sugar in the morning? Why not just eat a pixie stick dissolved in water? Or just a pixie stick, period. Or just find a cane of sugar and gnaw on that for a while. Either way, good luck at the Doctor in 20 years.

That's all for now. Duderino, out!

1 - This discussion does not apply to anyone over 40...in that case, Duderino fully understands power walking.

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itdontmattertojess said...

There's a few things I don't understand...