June 20, 2008

Law School Therapy 101...

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT Duderino in this picture. Just another poor soul laboring toward that elusive JD...maybe. Could be. Actually, Duderino has no idea who this is or why he's so distressed. Wait, that is a dude, isn't it?

What's that they always say? There's nothing like some playful sex banter to break up that law school monotony? Something like that, right?

Duderino would repeat some of the highlights of the "story" he's referring to above, but he thinks you'd all be best served to read it for yourselves. In otherwords, he strongly urges you to click that link, hint hint. You know, for your own edification...and stuff.

America's best and brightest, huh? Guess that's more aspirational than it is absolute in this case.

PS - What's with the sex stories on Fridays lately? Anyone else think Duderino needs to get laid? Maybe he should've considered Washington College of Law...

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