April 1, 2008

You Know How I Know You're Gay...

Personally, I prefer the line about macramé-ing yourself a pair of gym shorts, but playing soccer works too...I guess. Leave it to the Brits to come up with something like this - what a persecution complex...

Anyways, yes, according to a recent "article" on football.co.uk (via Outsports), the Brits believe one of the reasons Soccer has never caught on here in the States is because of "homosexuality." Really, "homosexuality."

Their overt justification for this is that since Soccer lacks the contact (or "manly" aspect) that more "American sports" like Football have, it is seen as "homosexual" (by Americans). To that I say - have you ever watched wrestling? I mean I know that's not the most popular American sport. But I'm pretty sure despite the fact that they roll around on a mat with other dudes, no one would have the balls to call any of those guys gay (well, maybe this guy). Wait, that didn't quite work, did it?...eh, go with it.

Sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask Duderino. All you needed to tell him was that ineedone plays Soccer. Case in point.

PS - No that picture has nothing to do with soccer being gay, but it has everything in the world to do with Brady Quinn being gay-ish. And to some of us, that's funny.



The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

That is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. By that same argument, Rugby should be bigger than baseball! Soccer is a physical contact sport, and the writer of that piece is douche cookie!

ineedone said...

I think the writer is gay, and he likes guys withour their shirts on. Tell me who has the potential to bag the most poon right now. David Beckham? he must be gay, oh yeah and there also no way hes the highest paid athlete in the world because he plays soccer... oh wait... shit.

The real reason america doesnt like soccer? Because in our minds its a brittish sport, and well we hate the brittish. Thats why we named our sport football, and changed the worlds sport to soccer.

what a fucknuckle that dude should be soccer kicked in the face. Ill do it.