March 12, 2008

What The Fuck Is Responsibility Anyhow?

"I think that where the casino's responsibility begins and ends is an open question. We would say that there has to be shared responsibility. Of course the gambler has to take responsibility for their own actions. They have to take responsibility that if they have an uncontrollable urge to gamble, they need to go get help, they need to go get treatment."
- Keith Whyte, Executive Director - The National Council on Problem Gambling
Duderino is the first to admit, he does not understand the concept of a gambling addiction. How someone can flush their proverbial fat cash (or skinny cash in Duderino's case) down the shitter playing cards or roulette is beyond his comprehension (dice are fair game though...). But this is just ludicrous...

This woman, an attorney of course (between her and Spitzer, Duderino's future profession looks like fucking Animal House..), is suing six Atlantic City casinos and at least one Las Vegas casino alleging that they should have cut her off whilst she was gambling all of her and much of her clients' money away at the tables.

Wait a minute...the casinos should have cut her off? What? Isn't the whole point of a casino to make money by encouraging people to gamble?

As Duderino understands it, gambling is being equated with drinking here, which is an inapt comparison. The duty of a bartender to cut off a person who is too drunk makes sense. There are medical implications that arise when one gets too drunk (read: shithoused). However, there are no medical implications that arise directly from gambling too much.

If this woman spent days straight at a poker table, she probably should have realized she had a problem and got some fucking help. How about a little self control? And let's not even get into the puzzling nature of her lawsuit. What will suing casinos achieve? Give her money back that she irresponsibly gambled away by her own accord? Make it so that casinos are capping their own ability to derive revenue? All because some woman can't control her own behavior? She can't protect herSELF?

Give Duderino a fucking break. This is bullshit, if I can be frank. I hope the judge throws the case out and then consequently strips this woman of her ability to procreate. The world doesn't need any more irresponsible people. We've reached maximum density, thanks.

Woman Sues Las Vegas Casino Over Compulsive Gambling [KNTV]

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