July 23, 2008

I'm no nihilist

Duderino, Please forgive me for posting this, but like the title states, "I'm no nihilist." I actually care about something(s).
While perusing these here internets (mainly deadspin) I came across this tribute to the downfall of western society!

Kevin Durant's University of Texas jersey is going to be retired. For those of you who don't follow sports or even care, Kevin Durant entered the NBA darft after playing only his freshman year of college basketball 2007. To his credit he was the concensus college player of the year, but this is goddamn ridiculous. Having your jersey retired is the highest honor that your school can bestow upon their athletes. In this case, they are honoring a, "Student" athlete (I use the term student loosely). Perhaps he should have attended at least a full semester of college, before having this honor bestowed upon him. Maybe I am old fashioned in this way, but it doesn't seem right to me. I feel their are some sort of prerequisites that should be met in order to receive such an honor. Prerequisites, a term that I am sure that he knows very little about. For instance holding records that require a tenure to achieve (all time assist, scoring, steals, ect,..), and I don't know, how about actually being a student. Who thought that this was a good idea? What is society coming to? Having your Jersey retired used to be an honor of distinction, and now it's more of a popularity contest!
Also of note he didn't lead them to a championship either.

Here's the story.

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El Duderino said...

Well, Duderino doesn't know much about College basketball (least not until end of February each year). But, he can't think of too many Longhorns that have had such a big impact on the College or Pro game. So perhaps Texas is just trying to honor a man who actually brought some attention to Texas basketball?

Then again, Duderino could be way off...