June 26, 2008

A little concern for your fellow man

I may have to stand alone on this one, but I feel compelled to relay my feelings on this particular matter in a reputable public forum. The matter is, "Train Etiquette." The Duderino, and myself both use the local rail system for our daily commute. If you take the train like Duderino, and myself you will notice that people preoccupy their minds in a number of ways. Here is a list of a few accptable methods, at least in my opinion:

1. Listening,Watching, or Playing your respective portable media device.

2. Reading a newspaper or periodical

3. Sleeping

4. Working/Studying

5. Quietly conversing with a fellow passenger.

These I would consider to be reasonable activities for one to engage in while commuting to and from work. The first 4 are things that one can do in silence, allowing their fellow passengers to not be impeded upon. Conversing with another rider is something that must be carefully done so as not to intrude on those around you. However, I have noticed a tragic increase in the frequency those breaking the unwritten rule of, "silence" while riding on the train by talking on their phones, or allowing their children to scream and cry. Engaging in either of these activities is a blantantly disrepectful to your fellow riders, and displays an air of selfishness, and self-entitlement.

Talking on your cell phone while on the train gets under my skin. The only reason that I want to hear anything about your personal, professional, or any other part of your life is because we are having a conversation! People get absorbed in their calls, and block out eveything that is going on around them. If I have my headphones on, and I can hear you clearly then everyone around you can too. I don't think that anyone really wants to listen to your conversation. If no one around you is on the phone, take the hint.....

Suggestions: Make the call before you get on the train, or after you get off. Learn to use texting, e-mail, or some messaging service.

People use their time on the train to unwind, and a screaming/crying child is a total hinderance to that. Now, I am not a parent and I don't have a grasp on what is means to be a parent. That being said doing nothing, and allowing your child to act out in public is unacceptable. Yesterday afternoon I obeserved a young mother sitting on the train looking as if she had just achieved total enlightenment. She was poised, calm, and without reaction. Her child possibly between the age of 2-4 was screaming and crying. The passenger who sat next to her appeared to have made an attempt to quell this childs tantrum. Did her mother? Nope!!!! Allowing your child to act out in public is direspectfull to everyone who is within earshot. There are public places where this type of behavior is socially acceptable, however the train is not one of them. Teach your child to behave, and be a better parent!

So, in closing I do not expect that this will have any radical impact, but I emplore any riders to be mindful of this. Respect your fellow riders. I hope that we may all take something away from this. I have some over the top ideas for punishing those who defy these unspoken rules, but this is not the time. Perhaps another day.


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El Duderino said...

Whoa, someone else writes on this blog? Weird.

Kidding man. Good post.

Duderino feels relatively the same. The difference for Duderino is he just turns up his iPod and ignores all this ambient noise.

What does get under his skin though is those people who get right up on his ass when he's trying to exit the subway. Duderino purposefully stands on the subway. That way when he gets to his stop he can just hop off first. But apparently this just means he's subjecting himself to a giant clusterF when he gets to his stop. Good times.