May 16, 2008

Depressing Stat of the Day...

From ~ "The number of people creating blogs in the US will reach over 35 million by 2012—roughly 16% of the Internet population."
This disturbs Duderino mostly because of these alleged 35 million people creating blogs, he would venture to say that only a fraction of them, and a small one at that, will be worth anything as bloggers. As it is this phenomenon we call the "blogosphere" is already becoming disgustingly saturated to the point where people will not care to distinguish good blogs from bad ones. As the number of shitty, poorly written blogs climbs, so will the public's disenchantment with blogs in general (minus those that are already borderline mainstream).

And as a dedicated blogger of almost three years, this makes Duderino sad.

Almost as sad as this characterization of early-adopter bloggers -
"Once a haven for techies to communicate with each other in their own lingo, blogs have long since shed this mantle and tapped into the zeitgeist of American culture..."
Duderino guesses he missed that era...although he does fit nicely into the MSM's current impression of bloggers...that is - dudes in their underwear posting stealthly from their Macbook in their Parent's basement...uh, minus the parent's basement and blogging in underwear part...ok at least the basement part.

Blogs - what say you all? Expansion of blogosphere = good? or Expansion of blogosphere = bad?

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