March 19, 2008

Oh no she didnt!!!!

According to a South Carolina News site, these two lovely ladies brawled it out. Who doesn't love a great chick fight? I know I do. I am betting all my lunch money that right now you are thinking "why does this matter?" Well I will tell you.

These two lovely women, who I hope are single (because any man having to deal with these crazy looking bitches has to hate his life), are teachers. Middle school teachers. Who fight in front of their students. HELLL YESSS!!!!!

According to the article the fight was over "personal matters" and escalated during the day after one of them bumped into the other. I can only imagine the wonderful hand gestures that were on display before the gauntlet was thrown down, and they began the royal rumble.

This could be another case of "When Keeping It Real Goes WRONG". Boy I miss Dave Chappelle.
UPDATE!: Here is the link since I messed it up,2933,339732,00.html


Anonymous said...

no link to the article?

ineedone said...

click on "oh no she didnt"