February 24, 2008

I want a warranty, not healthcare

So due to some recent misfortune (my laptop deciding it is a worthless piece of shit), I have had to re-evaluate my view on warranties as well as healthcare.

Now I don't want to go into all the reasons why healthcare is a royal 10-incher in the ass (maybe later), but if you take some time out of your day and watch the movie Sicko, you will get the drift. If I remember correctly, fat ass Mike Moore (yeah I call him Mike because we're cool like that) tells us were all going to die because our government hates us. Close enough?

Well, I for one think it is quite sad that even Best Buy can figure out how to pull off this type of service with less anal rapeage than our own government.

All I had to do to get my laptop fixed after a fatal meltdown, one in which I actually contemplated turning the damn paper-weight into the newest square shaped frisbee, was hand over my receipt and say - "hey, fuck you. Fix it." Okay maybe I didn't say "fuck you," but definitely "fix it."

Yep, that was all it took. Now lets hope I can get through this winter without catching some of that bird flu thats going around.


itdontmattertojess said...

So true, little Nick. After watching that movie I felt like an idiot for living in the US. I want to move to Cuba!

ineedone said...

yeah i mean, cigars, healthcare. i think i can deal with castro shooting little kids for those. shit we dont get that here in the US.