February 19, 2008

For all the ladies out there: Just how much more suck can we take from Candace Bushnell?

Ladies (and of course, Cotter, who definitely secretly tunes in):

Just when we thought our days of watching some idiotic Carrie Bradshaw-type imbecile scamp around on the screen in her countless pairs of $400 Manolos and hideous, I repeat, hideous Roberto Cavalli dresses, waste years in a dating desert (yet somehow, finding only rich men to date)... the geniuses at NBC have the nerve to bring us Lipstick Jungle.

What I'm wondering is—Who asked for another show about "real" NYC women that have seemingly ridiculous salaries, endless designer outfits, and a constant parade of incredibly hot men at their heels?

I certainly didn't. But somehow, I'm fascinated by this trainwreck that I bet won't make it past it's initial season. And just like Sex and the City, each episode makes me wonder why I'm struggling to balance between paying rent on my diggs and paying $7 a day for my lunchtime sandwich. Are there really women out there that get paid $3/word to write for VOGUE, work for a mere 10 minutes/week, and spend their days galavanting around the city's trendiest restaurants, shopping at Barney's, Bergdorf's, and Balenciaga without so much as a glance at their credit card statement?

If you thought the world of Carrie Bradshaw was somewhat far-fetched, check out the women of Lipstick Jungle! (That is, if you can handle the 30 Maybelline commercials between breaks.) Each owns either property, a company, or both—something any New Yorker would be very fortunate to accomplish with the rising property prices in Manhattan—and these 3 women always manage to find time to hang out with one another—whether it's at the gym, market, or expensive lunches with champagne and no doubt $40 salads. One minx even fits this in between her dates with a billionaire!

So... you be the judge:

An acurate portrayl of real NYC career women? Or women anywhere?

Hey, if it will sell more Maybelline products, why not?


El Duderino said...

All I know is I'm jealous of your $7 sandwich. I paid fucking $10 for a salad...I think I need to reassess my priorities.

ineedone said...

you paid 10$ for a salad... if i ever saw such a travesty... id steal it just on principle alone. salad, 10$.